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Nick Guletskii

I'm an applied machine learning researcher, algorithm developer, and software engineer with a background in mathematics.

Work experience (selected)

  1. Machine Learning Researcher and R&D lead at Rapida Infrastructure

    Haifa, Israel

    Develops novel Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Computational Geometry algorithms for infrastructure assessment and monitoring.

  2. Teaching assistant at Belarusian State University

    Minsk, Belarus

    Worked as a teaching assistant at the department of Functional Analysis and Analytical Economics at the faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics.

    1. 2021: Taught an "Intro to Machine Learning" class to international masters students in English (incl. lectures and labs).

    2. 2019-2022: Conducted seminars on Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics and Operations Research.

  3. Machine Learning Engineer & Statistical analyst at HiQo Solutions

    Minsk, Belarus

    Performed end-to-end development of computer vision systems (object detection, instance segmentation, classification, and denoising), sound recognition systems, sentiment analysis systems; performed statistical modelling and analysis of tabular data. Ported models for inference on edge devices.


  1. Multiplicative representations of Bruhat–Schwartz distributions on the additive group of p-adic numbers

    Trudy Instituta Matematiki, Minsk, Belarus

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